Personal Security for Individuals and Activists

surveillance cameraWe kicked off the Oh Shit, What Now? Collective by offering a Personal Security for Individuals and Activists training at the Crustacean Zine Library on Sunday, December 4, 2016 at 6 PM. There will be a zine created to accompany this training, which will be offered in various locations around the city. The zine will include a checklist of things to do to create a more secure environment in which to engage in activism or just go about your own personal business in the age of persistent surveillance.

Thanks to all in attendance, we were able to refine the material and answer a lot of questions. We’re looking forward to continuing to offer this and other classes, workshops, skillshares, and discussions that encourage resistance, community, equality, and liberty.

In advance of the zine, following are some links that were used in the creation of the class:

We’re looking forward to seeing you all come out for future classes. Thanks again & take care.

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