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Antifascist Days Of Unity Zine Collection

One People’s Project and Dangerous Ideas Collective are calling for a month of action in October called the Antifascist Days of Unity.

The idea behind the month of action is to help activists build stronger antifascist coalitions where they live. Another purpose is to improve the image of antifascism, since fascists and the far right seem determined to hijack the term and redefine it to mean “any left leaning person we don’t like is a terrorist.”

Here in Austin, we’ll be participating in several actions, starting with a picnic on October 6 at 1pm under Shelter A at Bartholomew District Park.

Days of Unity Anti-Fascist Picnic, Sunday October 6 at 1pm at Shelter A in Bartholomew Park, Austin, Texas

As part of these events, we wanted to share a collection of zines that would educate readers, inspire them to action, and suggest some concrete actions they could take to be “everyday antifascists.”

Days of Unity Antifascist Zine Collection

In this collection, we focused on zines and hand-outs which are short and simply written, avoiding complex academic language and “discourse” wherever we could.

The zines below are divided into two groups. The main collection were selected to be printed and shared at our upcoming events. To minimize waste and use of paper, we selected just a few of the best (and shortest) topical zines we found. These zines include information on activism, antifascism, alternatives to police, and protecting the rights of immigrants and indigenous people.

The second group contains more great zines, but most of these were longer, or less suited to sharing at our events. They all contain important writing on vital topics, so we still wanted to share them here.

We’ve also created a zip file with all the zines in one place. In many cases, you’ll find versions both for screen reading and for printing.

This list is a work in progress. Suggestions & feedback welcomed.

Zines for printing

These zines were selected for printing and sharing at Antifascist Days of Unity events. In parenthesis, we’ve listed the publisher of each zine.

Additional resources

These are longer zines, or otherwise better suited to reading at leisure rather than sharing at events. These are all great, but we wanted to limit how much we printed at any time.

All original Oh Shit! What Now? materials are copyright free, except where otherwise noted, and can be freely reprinted, shared, and reused. If you’ve got feedback, email us.

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