Oh Shit! What Now? A Brief Statement Of Purpose & Politics

A candle flame is blown to the left by a gust of wind. (Flickr / Shan Sheehan, CC license)

Oh Shit! What Now? is an educational collective based in Austin, Texas, with members from diverse political perspectives. We are staunchly antifascist and independent of any particular leftist or radical doctrine.

Oh Shit! What Now? logo. A hand holding a match, the flame forms the words “Oh Shit! What Now?”

Our mission is to cultivate safer spaces for learning, discussing, creating, and building relationships across a broad spectrum of ideology and activist experience. We hope to attract everyone from freshly-activated novices to long-term organizers in the spirit of inspiring coalition building, increased intersectionality between causes, and shared direct action.

Our classes are intentionally inclusive of all people regardless of ability, age, cultural background, education, ethnicity, gender, immigration status, language, nationality, physical appearance, race, religion, self-expression, sexual orientation, status as a parent or other such factors. We actively work to prioritize the voices of those who are historically marginalized. We do not allow behaviors or language in our spaces that have a negative impact on the safety of participants.

Our collective will never bow to threats of violence and intimidation from outside sources. Creating space in which people can learn, share, and grow in solidarity is a basic and vital human activity that we believe can help lead the way to a better future.

While we recognize a wide range of legitimate political views, we will never defend the right of any group to advocate for genocide, nationalism, bigotry, xenophobia, white supremacy or other behaviors which further endanger the lives of vulnerable populations, nor will we tolerate those who stand with them. We support the fundamental right of endangered communities to organize in self-defense against their oppressors.

We hope you will join us in our classes and help build a healthy, resilient culture of mutual aid, resistance and revolt in our city and beyond.

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