Conscious Relationships Discussion Group: Building Healthier Relationships

A close up of red, white and pink heart-shaped candies. (Pixabay / Kaz, public domain image)

Join us for our second discussion on forming “conscious” intimate relationships — relationships which are deliberately formed among equals, rather than simply following society’s default scripts.

This month, we’ll continue talking about the assumptions people make about love and loving relationships, and discuss whether there’s a better way to do things for us as individuals and for society. We’ll challenge ourselves to answer the question, “What can I do to form healthier relationships?” both with the people already in your life, and those yet to come.

At the end of the discussion, we’ll choose a topic for August.

This is NOT a lecture or workshop, but a discussion open to all people, of all genders, orientations, and relationship styles.

This month, we’re moving the discussion to the “Board Room,” a private meeting space at Genuine Joe Coffee.

We strive to make all OS!WN? events a space free of oppression, so please leave that bullshit at home. For more information on our group, our safer spaces policy and our rules, please see our FAQ.

Discussion details

  • What? A monthly discussion group for anyone interested in discussing better ways of forming intimate relationships.
  • When? July 25 from 7-4=9pm
  • Where? The “Board Room” (private room) at Genuine Joe Coffee, 2001 West Anderson Lane, Austin, TX 78757
  • Why? Because society’s assumptions about love are full of shit.
  • FREE, but please support the cafe by making a small purchase if possible.
  • Genuine Joe Coffee is wheelchair accessible and close to several major bus lines. Free parking is available.

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