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Resisting Doxing & Protecting Privacy: Resources For Vulnerable People

Below is a collection of resources from Oh Shit! What Now?’s “Take Back Your Online Privacy: Dox Resisters Edition” class. We either used these resources and links in the creation of the class, or they offer opportunities for further learning and study.

Oh Shit! What Now? offers basic computer security classes every other month, but the June 2017 class focused on the risk of “doxing,” or having private information published by trolls and fascists online with the intent to threaten or hurt you. For more general resources on computer security, check out “Take Back Your Online Privacy: Computer Security Resources For Activists & Everyday Humans.”

A padlock with a key inside, surrounded by chains. (Pixabay / stevepb, public domain image)

Key resources


  • DuckDuckGo, a search engine which doesn’t track you
  • Have I Been Pwned? search if your online accounts were compromised in major security breaches
  • HTTPS Everywhere, forced browsers to use more secure HTTPS websites whenever possible
  • Signal, from Open Whisper Systems (search for it in your app store), for secure encrypted messaging & phone calls
  • Tor Browser, makes it harder to trace & track your online activity

Further reading

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