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Computer Security For Activists & Everyone (October 2018 Slides & Resources)

Here is a collection of resources from Oh Shit! What Now?’s October 2018 class, “Computer Security For Activists & Everyone.” We either used these resources and links in the creation of the class, or they offer opportunities for further learning and study.

Current Events: Facebook & Google+ Hacked

Current Events: Feds Use FaceID To Unlock Phone


  • BurnerApp, for creating disposable phone numbers
  • Cloudflare Encrypted DNS, may be an important addition to your VPN
  • DuckDuckGo, a search engine which doesn’t track you
  • Have I Been Pwned? search if your online accounts were compromised in major security breaches
  • LastPass, the most popular password keeper (for better or worse)
  • Signal, from Open Whisper Systems (search for it in your app store), for secure encrypted messaging & phone calls
  • Tor Browser, makes it harder to trace & track your online activity


A shiny key sits in a silver lock.Further Reading

Recommended Virtual Private Networks

These Virtual Private Networks were vetted by Oh Shit! What Now?’s volunteer security consultant. They should be good enough for most uses, but you must do your own research before depending on these VPNs (or any security tools we recommend!) to keep you safe in a high-risk situation.

All original Oh Shit! What Now? materials are copyright free, except where otherwise noted, and can be freely reprinted, shared, and reused. If you’ve got feedback, email us.

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