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Zine: Protest 101, An Introduction For New Activists

Activists hold signs at the “Rally Against White Supremacy” at Austin City Hall on August 19, 2017. (Kit O’Connell, public domain image)

Title: “Protest 101”

By: Compiled from various sources by Oh Shit! What Now? Collective and Crustacean Zine Library

First published: September 3, 2017

Download here: Protest101zine.pdf

Description: This zine was created for new activists who are interested in protesting for the first time, or for anyone who wants to protest more safely during today’s tense political moment. “Protest 101” covers a range of topics including your rights at protests, protest safety and security culture, diversity of tactics, antifa, black bloc and masking up, and what you should bring to a protest.

Printing tips: Look for a “brochure” or “magazine” setting on your printer, or try this printer-friendly version with settings Duplex (Short Edge) and Landscape orientation.


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