Seeds of Resistance: A Workshop on Security Culture

Graffiti stencil: “Respect Existence Or Expect Resistance” written around a drawing of eyes and the bridge of a nose on a human face. (Flickr / Denis Bocquet, CC license)

Join us for a workshop and discussion on security culture within activist circles. We will also talk about DIY street art as a tactic to build community and share political ideas.

We strive to make all Oh Shit! What Now? events a space free of oppression, so please leave your bullshit at home. For more information on our group, our safer spaces policy and our rules, please see our FAQ.

See y’all there! Stay dangerous!

Class details

  • What? Learn how to keep your comrades safer from fascist repression.
  • When? March 25 from 5-7 PM.
  • Where? MonkeyWrench Books, 110 E North Loop Blvd, Austin, Texas 78751
  • Why? Because spring is coming and it’s time to get rowdy.
  • MonkeyWrench Books is close to multiple bus lines and wheelchair accessible.
  • FREE.
  • Contact:

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