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Punching Nazis: Notes For The Study Of Fascism & Antifascism In Texas

In September 2017, we taught our class on antifascism, “Punching Nazis,” for a second time, at the Houston Anarchist Bookfair.

This class was targeted for violence by an offshoot of Vanguard America, the nazi party which includes Heather Heyer’s murderer, but thanks to the quick work of the book fair security team, the nazis were unable to hurt anyone or disrupt the fair for more than a few minutes.

The following resources were used in the making of the class, or provide useful avenues for future reading.



A person in a balaclava, with just their eyes visible, holds a tiny figurine of a black bloc activist close to their face. The figurine is holding a tiny antifascist red and black flag. (Flickr / Sonia Golemme / CC NC ND license)




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