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RESCHEDULED Conscious Relationships: Jealousy and Compersion (March 24)

A couple cuddle while sitting outdoors, their faces close together. Conscious Relationships: March 24, 4:00pm at Genuine Joe Coffee.

Jealousy is a painful and complex emotion that can cause discord in relationships of all kinds, for many reasons. Experiencing jealousy is probably a natural part of the human experience for most people but, like so many other emotions, our culture often handles jealousy in unhealthy ways.

“Compersion” is a term coined by the polyamory community to express a feeling sometimes described as the “opposite” of jealousy; it’s a feeling of happiness for the happiness of your friend or intimate partner, even if they’re finding happiness, joy or pleasure with other people.

“Conscious” relationships are relationships which are deliberately formed among equals, rather than simply following society’s default scripts. We strive to stay off the “relationship escalator” regardless of our choices. At this discussion, we’ll be unpacking the ways we encounter and deal with jealousy in our relationships, and talk about ways to cultivate compersion.

This is NOT a lecture or workshop, but a discussion open to all people, of all genders, orientations, and relationship styles. We’ll be asking everyone who attends to stay on topic, and encouraging you to share personal stories to whatever degree feels comfortable. If you can, reflect on the themes of this meeting in your everyday life in the days before you attend.

We will be meeting in the “Board Room,” a private meeting space at Genuine Joe Coffee. Please note the new day and time, and that we are back in the front meeting room.

We strive to make all OS!WN? events a space free of oppression, so please leave that crap at home. For more information on our group, our safer spaces policy and our rules, please see our FAQ:

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