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Conscious Relationships: How We Form Relationships And Date

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In our culture, intimate relationships come with a host of assumptions about the direction they take, including monogamy, marriage and children. Regardless of what choices we make, the Conscious Relationship discussion group is dedicated to encouraging people to make deliberate choices and question whether these assumptions fit our lives.

In our third and fourth meetings, we discussed the different ways people form relationships with each other. We unpacked some of the assumptions that go with intimacy, and the healthy and unhealthy behaviors sometimes associated with forming “couples” or other types of relationships. In our fourth meeting, we used the reality TV show “The Bachelor” as source of common tropes about how we are “supposed” to choose a mate. Below, you’ll find some some links to articles and podcasts we discussed in these meetings, or inspired by the topic.

Our next meeting is November 12 at 6:30pm at Genuine Joe Coffee on 2001 West Anderson Lane. Our next topics are “Trust” and “Caring For One Another.”

“Against the couple form”

“I strapped my boyfriend with homemade explosives and blew him up. His flesh spread everywhere. So did my affection. I’m sick of love. Let’s fall in politics.” — Clementine X. Clementine and Associates from the Infinite Venom Girl Gang

  • Against the couple-form [pdf link] — the original essay by Clementine X. Clementine and Associates from the Infinite Venom Girl Gang, first published in 2012 by Lies: A Journal of Materialist Feminism
  • Against the Couple Form #1: LOVE — part 1 of a projected 3 part series from the Bitchface Podcast explores whether falling in “love” only happens within a couple,  or can friends fall in intimate love? Can we find new ways of constructing loving households?
  • Against the Couple Form #2: INTIMACY — in part 2, Bitchface visits with a “cuddle dom/me” and explores other ways of separating touch and physical intimacy from the “couple form”

Other links

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